skills - بيان شفاهي داستان( oral reproduction of stories)

بيان شفاهي داستان( oral reproduction of stories)


The Glove

R. U. Joyce 

James Dunne, the ex-burglar, is now a respectful jeweler in Brampton, who is recognized by a prisoner. The latter keeps blackmailing him to the extent that he is unable to afford it. Feeling desperate, he breaks into Richard Strong’s house, robs his gold ornaments and is forced to kill him for his own safety. Returning home, James finds out that he has left one of his gloves in the murder scene. To find the glove, he goes back to the room where he has killed Mr. Strong with a knife. There, he finds Mr. Strong’s son waiting for him with a gun in his hand. On their way to the police station, he goes to his house to get an overcoat. To his astonishment, he finds the missing glove there.

+ نوشته شده توسط حشمت اله فرهادی در چهارشنبه بیست و دوم اردیبهشت 1389 و ساعت 17:26 |

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